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Book Chapter
Borghetti, A., G. Gross, and C. A. Nucci, "Auctions with explicit demand-side bidding in competitive electricity markets", The next generation of unit commitment models, Boston, Kluwer Academic Press, 2001.
Borghetti, A., and C. A. Nucci, "Chapter 2 - Integration of distributed energy resources in distribution power systems", Integr. Distrib. Energy Resour. Power Syst.: Academic Press, pp. 15–50, 2016. Abstract
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Conference Paper
Giglioli, R., and C. A. Nucci, "Accumulatori al piombo per veicolo elettrico stradale. Caratteristiche e gestione razionale", Giornata di sudio sulla Innovazione nei veicoli elettrici, Bologna, Facoulty of Engineering, 3-5/11, 1993.
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Blech, P., M. Ianoz, and C. A. Nucci, "Analyse de sensibilité des paramètres du couplage entre une IEM et une ligne aérienne", 4e Colloque Int. sur la Compatibilité électromagnétique, Limoges, France, 23-25/06, 1987.
Napolitano, F., A. Borghetti, D. Messori, C. A. Nucci, M. L. B. Martinez, G. P. Lopes, and J. I. L. Uchoa, "Assessment of the Lightning Performance of Compact Overhead Distribution Lines", 2012 CIGRE SC C4 Colloquium in Japan, Hakodate, Cigré, pp. II––1 –– II––5, 2012.
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Borghetti, A., and C. A. Nucci, "Construction of Legocad models for real-time training simulator: thermal power station electrical auxiliaries and power station restart from remote hydro station", Incontro annuale degli utenti LEGOCAD per la simulazione dinamica di impianti industriali, Piacenza, Italy, 21-23/05, 1997.
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Akbari, M., K. Sheshyekani, A. Pirayesh, F. Rachidi, M. Paolone, C. A. Nucci, A. Borghetti, and F. Napolitano, "A Full-Wave Analysis of Lightning-Induced Voltages on Distribution Lines Considering the Conductive Coupling between the Lightning Channel and the Grounding System", Proceedings of 2012 International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP), no. ii, VIENNA – AUT, Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE), pp. 275–276, 2012.
Nucci, C. A., "Il fenomeno dell'impulso elettromagnetico di origine nucleare", Seminario sull'Impulso elettromagnetico di origine nucleare, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Rome, Italy, 15/06, 1984.
Borghetti, A., F. Napolitano, C. A. Nucci, F. Tossani, G. J. G. Dos Santos, D. R. Fagundes, G. P. Lopes, and M. L. B. Martinez, "Indirect lightning performance of a real distribution network with focus on transformer protection", 2014 International Conference on Lightning Protection, ICLP 2014: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., pp. 1884-1890, 2014. Abstract
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Nucci, C. A., "Lightning induced voltages on overhead distribution lines (with special reference to low-voltage networks)", International Seminar on Lightning Protection, São Paulo, Brazil, 8-12/09, 1997.