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Book Chapter
Borghetti, A., G. Gross, and C. A. Nucci, "Auctions with explicit demand-side bidding in competitive electricity markets", The next generation of unit commitment models, Boston, Kluwer Academic Press, 2001.
Borghetti, A., and C. A. Nucci, "Chapter 2 - Integration of distributed energy resources in distribution power systems", Integr. Distrib. Energy Resour. Power Syst.: Academic Press, pp. 15–50, 2016. Abstract
Borghetti, A., C. D’Ambrosio, A. Lodi, and S. Martello, "Optimal scheduling of a multiunit hydro power station in a short-term planning horizon", Case Studies in Operations Research, vol. 212, New York, Springer, pp. 167–181, 2015. Abstract
Borghetti, A., C. A. Nucci, and M. Paolone, "Restoration Processes after Blackouts", Handbook of Electrical Power System Dynamics: Modeling, Stability, and Control, Hoboken, NJ, USA, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., pp. 864 - 899, 2013.
Conference Paper
Borghetti, A., F. Napolitano, C. A. Nucci, and F. Tossani, "Advancements in insulation coordination for improving lightning performance of distribution lines", 2015 International Symposium on Lightning Protection, XIII SIPDA 2015: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., pp. 21–31, 2015.
Napolitano, F., A. Borghetti, D. Messori, C. A. Nucci, M. L. B. Martinez, G. P. Lopes, and J. I. L. Uchoa, "Assessment of the Lightning Performance of Compact Overhead Distribution Lines", 2012 CIGRE SC C4 Colloquium in Japan, Hakodate, Cigré, pp. II––1 –– II––5, 2012.
Rakov, V. A., A. Borghetti, C. Bouquegneau, W. A. Chisholm, V. Cooray, K. Cummins, G. Diendorfer, F. Heidler, A. Hussein, M. Ishii, et al., "CIGRE technical brochure on lightning parameters for engineering applications", 2013 International Symposium on Lightning Protection (XII SIPDA)2013 International Symposium on Lightning Protection (XII SIPDA), Belo Horizonte, Brazil, IEEE, pp. 373 - 377, 2013.
Borghetti, A., and C. A. Nucci, "Construction of Legocad models for real-time training simulator: thermal power station electrical auxiliaries and power station restart from remote hydro station", Incontro annuale degli utenti LEGOCAD per la simulazione dinamica di impianti industriali, Piacenza, Italy, 21-23/05, 1997.
Akbari, M., K. Sheshyekani, A. Pirayesh, F. Rachidi, M. Paolone, C. A. Nucci, A. Borghetti, and F. Napolitano, "A Full-Wave Analysis of Lightning-Induced Voltages on Distribution Lines Considering the Conductive Coupling between the Lightning Channel and the Grounding System", Proceedings of 2012 International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP), no. ii, VIENNA – AUT, Austrian Electrotechnical Association (OVE), pp. 275–276, 2012.
Borghetti, A., F. Napolitano, C. A. Nucci, F. Tossani, G. J. G. Dos Santos, D. R. Fagundes, G. P. Lopes, and M. L. B. Martinez, "Indirect lightning performance of a real distribution network with focus on transformer protection", 2014 International Conference on Lightning Protection, ICLP 2014: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., pp. 1884-1890, 2014. Abstract
Borghetti, A., S. Guerrieri, M. Ianoz, C. A. Nucci, D. Orzan, and F. Rachidi, "Link of the field-to-transmission line coupling codes to the Electromagnetic transients program", International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electromagnetic Ecology, St. Petersburg, Russia, 23-27/06, 1997.
Borghetti, A., S. Guerrieri, C. A. Nucci, and F. Rachidi, "Modèles de calcul des surtensions induites par la foudre: analyse comparative", 7ème Colloque International sur la CEM, Toulouse, France, 2-4/03, 1994.
Borghetti, A., R. Caldon, A. Mari, and C. A. Nucci, "On Dynamic Load Models for Voltage Stability Studies", IEEE Power Engineering Society Winter Meeting, Baltimora, United States, 21-25/01, 1996.
Borghetti, A., F. Napolitano, M. Paolone, F. Rachidi, and C. A. Nucci, "On the FEM and TL approaches for the calculation of lightning - induced voltages on overhead lines", 8th Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion (MEDPOWER 2012), Cagliari, Italy, Institution of Engineering and Technology, pp. 74-1 - 74-4, 2012. Abstract