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Alberti, M., A. Borghetti, M. Di Silvestro, G. Naldi, and M. Paolone, "Maximum Efficiency Point Tracking for Adjustable-Speed Small Hydro Power Plant", Power Systems Computation Conference (PSCC), 16, Glasgow, Scotland, 14-18/07/2008.
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Nucci, C. A., "Metodologie per il rilevamento dei fulmini (in Italian)", Giornata di studio AEI 'Evoluzione della normativa per la protezione contro i fulmini e per i quadri elettrici’, Florence, Palazzo degli Affari, Italy, 05/1996.
Borghetti, A., C. D'Ambrosio, A. Lodi, and S. Martello, "An MILP Approach for Short-Term Hydro Scheduling and Unit Commitment With Head-Dependent Reservoir", IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 23, issue 2, pp. 1115 - 1124 , 08/2008.
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Borghetti, A., S. Guerrieri, C. A. Nucci, and F. Rachidi, "Modèles de calcul des surtensions induites par la foudre: analyse comparative", 7ème Colloque International sur la CEM, Toulouse, France, 2-4/03, 1994.
Ianoz, M., L. Dellera, C. A. Nucci, and L. Quinchon, "Modeling of fast transient effects in power networks and substations", CIGRE Session, Group 36: Power system Electromagnetic Compatibility, Paris, France, 09/1996.
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