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Casadei, D., G. Grandi, M. Paolone, and C. Rossi, "Impianto sperimentale per la produzione di energia elettrica fotovoltaica con sistema di accumulo ad idrogeno", National meeting on the Italian Energy policy, Università di Bologna, Bologna, Italy, 18-19/04, 2005.
Bagnoli, M., B. Belvedere, M. Bianchi, A. Borghetti, A. De Pascale, and M. Paolone, "A Feasibility Study of an Auxiliary Power Unit Based on a PEM Fuel Cell for On-Board Applications", EFC, European Fuel Cell Technology & Application Conference, 1, Rome, Italy, 14-16/12, 2005.
Borghetti, A., G. Celli, C. A. Nucci, M. Paolone, and F. Pilo, "Lightning-Induced Overvoltages in Overhead Power Distribution Lines: Importance of the Line Grounding Electrodes Modeling", International Conference on Grounding and Earthing (GROUND), Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 7-11/11, 2004.
Cordier, A., J. Jerauld, D. M. Jordan, M. Nyffeler, C. A. Nucci, E. Petrache, M. Paolone, F. Rachidi, V. A. Rakov, K. J. Rambo, et al., "Experimental Analysis of Lightning-Induced Currents in Buried Cables", International Conference on Lightning Protection (ICLP), 27, Avignon, France, 13-16/09, 2004.
Bermudez, J. L., C. A. Nucci, D. Pavanello, F. Rachidi, and M. Rubinstein, "On the Calculation of Electro-magnetic Fields Radiated by Lightning to Tall Structures", International Conference On Lightning Protection, Avignon, France, 13-16/09, 2004.
Bernardi, M., A. Borghetti, S. Malgarotti, I. Mastandrea, C. A. Nucci, and M. Paolone, "Influence of Surge Arresters on the Statistical Evaluation of Lightning Performance of Distribution Lines", Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems Conference (PMAPS), 8, vol. 1, Ames, USA, pp. 776-781, 12-16/09, 2004.
Borghetti, A., K. Maslo, C. A. Nucci, and I. Petruzela, "Power System Dynamics During Large Power Imbalance Phenomena: Role of the Thermoelectric Units", IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference - MELECON, Dubrovnik, Croatia , 12-15/05, 2004.
Borghetti, A., A. Lodi, S. Martello, M. Martignani, C. A. Nucci, and A. Trebbi, "Nuovi problemi d’ottimizza-zione per i produttori in un mercato competitivo dell’energia elettrica", Atti del Convegno Nazionale ENERSIS sui Sistemi per l’elettricità ed il gas, vol. , CESI, Milano, 1-2/2004.