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Lightning induced overvoltages on overhead lines shielded by nearby buildings

TitleLightning induced overvoltages on overhead lines shielded by nearby buildings
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsTossani, F., A. Borghetti, F. Napolitano, C. A. Nucci, and A. Piantini
Conference Name33rd Int. Conf. Light. Prot.
Conference LocationEstoril, Portugal

This paper presents a method for the estimation of the reduction of the amplitude of lightning induced voltages on power distribution overhead lines due to the presence of surrounding buildings. For this purpose weighting functions are applied to the electrostatic, induction and radiation terms of the expressions adopted for the lightning electromagnetic field calculation in open terrain. The parameters of the weighting functions are identified by means of a finite element method model and a least square fitting procedure and they are shown to be rather independent of the lightning return stroke current waveform and of the distance between the line and the stroke location. Although this paper presents only results obtained for the case of a single line, the method is conceived in order to be applicable for the lightning performance assessment of more topologically complex power distribution networks.