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Optimal operation of vehicle-to-grid and grid-to-vehicle systems integrated with renewables

TitleOptimal operation of vehicle-to-grid and grid-to-vehicle systems integrated with renewables
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsDabbagh, S. R., M. K. Sheikh-El-Eslami, and A. Borghetti
Conference Name2016 Power Syst. Comput. Conf.
Date PublishedJun
Keywordsbattery powered vehicles, bidirectional public charging stations, distributed energy resources, Distributed renewables, grid-to-vehicle, grid-to-vehicle system, load modeling, optimal operation, Optimization, Photovoltaic systems, plug-in electric-vehicles, stochastic programming, time-of-use, Uncertainty, vehicle-to-grid, vehicle-to-grid system

Bidirectional public charging stations of plug-in electric-vehicles (PEVs) are expected to provide both grid-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid services. The flexibility of the operation of these types of distributed energy resources can be exploited through time-of-use (TOU) tariffs dictated by distribution system operators and/or retailers. This paper focuses on the integration of these resources with distributed renewable in an industrial site in order to lower the energy procurement costs. Stochastic programming is used to characterize the uncertainties involved in PEVs arrivals and departures, their arrival and desired departure states of charge, as well as the uncertainties of the generation by renewables. A test case is presented in order to illustrate the impact of the integration on power profiles and procurement costs for different ratios of sale to purchase tariffs.